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Pioneering Trust, Security, and Transparency in AI

Who We Are

We're problem solvers on a mission: to pioneer trust, security and transparency in AI and help organizations harness the power of statistics, machine learning, and mathematical modeling safely and securely.

Working as trusted partners, we leverage the potential of Large Language Models to deliver data-driven wisdom to businesses and help them grow without compromising on ethics or security. With a relentless focus on transparency, accountability, and ethical integrity, we’re committed to setting the gold standard for responsible AI in the industry.

Security and compliance are our primary concerns - and we employ robust and responsible methodologies so that with Resonance Labs, your future is not only data-driven but also safe, secure, and ethically sound.

Our Values



We blend cutting-edge problem-solving with our clients' business insights to craft unique solutions for complex challenges. Our team constantly refines and expands its knowledge in evolving tech domains, fostering lasting partnerships for ongoing innovation and scalable outcomes.



Through teamwork, we combine our tech expertise with our clients' specific challenges, resulting in innovative solutions that precisely cater to their needs. Our team not only enhances AI solutions but also deepens its understanding of real-world problems, nurturing enduring partnerships for continuous progress.



At the heart of our ethos, authenticity is more than a commitment; it's our strategic advantage, propelling us beyond the ordinary. Here, individuals bring their true selves, sparking creativity, diverse perspectives, and authentic collaboration. It's the driving force that unlocks our team's full potential, guiding us towards new horizons in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

At Resonance Labs, we are united in our dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology, harnessing AI, statistics, machine learning, and mathematical modelling to solve a wide range of challenges.

Our team's diverse backgrounds and experiences empower us to tackle problems from multiple angles, and we're always looking forward to the future with optimism, knowing that together, we can achieve extraordinary things.
Michael Fagan

Michael Fagan

CEO & Co Founder

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